Changes coming to AGC in 2022!

Arkansas Geek Central will be awakened from it’s deep sleep in the near future! The website will be revamped. WordPress will be replaced with a Static HTML Website that is updated with new posts, with minimal to no JavaScript. Comments will be disabled, at least temporarily. Facebook integration & links have been removed and the […]

10 Years of Arkansas Geek Central!

It’s been 10 years since this website went live! It’s been a crazy ride. The amount of geeky events here in Arkansas has increased significantly since the site was first started. Later this year (hopefully later this summer) the website will be revamped and migrated to a new publishing system. This will allow faster posting […]

AGC Turns 6 Today

Arkansas Geek Central turns 6 years old today. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long. All of this started due to missing a convention due to not knowing about it. Website updates: I was hoping to have a site revamp done by today, but other commitments kept me from getting started on the […]

AGC’s Twitter updates

Our Twitter account is now being updated whenever a post is added to the site. Be sure to follow us. Also, don’t forget about our account for those using

AGC Contact Form Working Again

I just realized that the forms on the website were not working. A plug-in was disabled during an upgrade, and was just noticed and now fixed. If you tried to use these but were not able to, please try again.

AGC has moved Servers

I just completed the move of the website from Godaddy to my Virtual Server. This should help with page load times as well as adding new features. Tweets should be working in a day or so too. Hopefully this will fix the problem with Facebook posting as well. I’m also in the process of making […]

October Website Updates

Upcoming Events has now been added to the top of the Website to make it easier to find out about what is coming up. If you haven’t visited the website in a while, a slew of new Links to groups has been added. From Geocaching to Roller Derby, and much more. Check them out.

AGC is looking for Twitter Feeds

Arkansas Geek Central is looking for Twitter Feeds for Geek Groups and Businesses selling geek related merchandise & services in Arkansas. If you know of any feeds for these types, please comment: Businesses: Comic & Collectibles Stores Anime & Manga Stores Video Game Stores Hobby Shops Groups: Computer User Groups Twitter & Social Media Groups […]

New Event Calendar

We now have an Event Calendar. We also have a iCal link to subscribe to the calendar on the page. It is still being populated, so, comment here if there’s any missing events.

New AGC Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook Page. If you’re on FB, be sure to “Like” it!

AGC is back!

I’ve restored the WordPress Site for Arkansas Geek Central. The forums and Wiki are not coming back, but a new WP theme & event calendar will be making an appearance soon.